THE CLUB is a life-skills mentoring program for 6th-8th grade students who attend Oklahoma City Public Schools in the Northwest Classen Learning Community (Buchanan, Cleveland, Gatewood, Kaiser, Linwood, Putnam Heights, Sequoyah, or Taft Schools). We have a current enrollment of more than 100 participants. The weekly after-school Club sessions include a Life-Skills Training Topic, Spiritual Development, & participation in a Structured Elective-Activity (drumlin, arts & crafts, ). Student interaction with adult leadership in each of these activities is encouraged by staff & volunteer adult mentors. At this occasion, students are encouraged & assisted in practicing appropriate social skills (manners & etiquette) to reinforce the instruction in this life-skill they have been provided.

THE CLUB & other student programs offered by community Advance incorporate a Christian worldview & Biblical principles as a guide in accomplishing our mission, “To advance the life skills of underprivileged and underperforming individuals and families in our community.” We believe this mission can best be accomplished by incorporating a Christian worldview and biblical principles as a guide in all we undertake.

A major objective of Community Advance is to provide programs that significantly advance the life-skills of students. While a single semester or summer session of THE CLUB is designed to assist participating students in gaining meaningful life-skills, substantively greater progress is to be expected from each semester or summer session of additional participation. For a middle school student first participating at the sixth grade level, participation for up to three (3) middle school years is the goal in our program development. This could then be extended over the next several years to offer the option to continue during the student’s four years of high school. A significant further added benefit of extended participation is the ongoing encouragement for the student to finish high school, as well as continue education or training options after graduation.

Career Development Curriculm

The students will complete the eighth grade curriculum with a career portfolio and a plan for taking the next steps toward realizing their career objectives though their continuing educational preparation at the grades 9-12 levels and beyond.  Acquiring this knowledge is intended to increase the students focus on the value of education and reducing the number of school dropouts.

Each student will be assigned a Spiritual Mentor, who will pray for their assigned student and write them notes of encouragement throughout their 4 years at Northwest Classen.  They will also have an Academic Mentor who will assist the Community Advance staff  to assess the academic needs of each student at quarterly meetings.  For example, if a student is struggling in a subject, Community Advance will find the resources needed to help the student to succeed.


Personality assessment & interest & aptitude self-assessments.


Career clusters, work values & work personality types self-assessments.


Career cluster interest inventory, web-research tools, career profile & resume builder worksheets, & career tool kit emphasizing why college is important, college preparation & financial aid options.


Wednesdays from 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Transportation is provided from school to THE CLUB & transportation home after the program can also be arranged if needed.

THE  SUMMER CLUB began in 2012 to provide students in our community a structured and safe program during their Summer break.


Students entering the 6th – 12th grade


Monday – Friday, 12 PM – 5 PM

(3:00 PM on Fridays)


Northwest Baptist Church

Ministry and Activity Center (Gym)

Basketball, flag football, ping-pong, pool, Wii games, & arts & crafts, to name a few!
Field Trips
Every Thursday we travel to a location in the OKC Metro. Some examples include news stations, college campuses, the state capitol, museums, & Bricktown.

Lunch & Snacks
We partner with the Regional Food Bank to provide a free lunch at noon everyday & a snack in the afternoon (available for anyone from the ages of 0-18).

Every Tuesday we swim at Will Rogers Aquatic Center.
Character Development
Each week we focus on one of the 6 pillars of character:



Life Skills
On Wednesday, life skill presentations are given to the students over topics such as dressing for success, college prep, nutrition and fitness.

Reading Incentives
Read for 20 minutes & earn a reward!



Our continuing objective is to develop a 24-station computer laboratory that will incorporate contemporary technology as a major component of our programs.  Computer-based learning/training is being incorporated into the career development component of our Club Mentoring curriculum. Underperforming students often lack insight into the career opportunities that align with their individual areas of interest.

The Computer Lab

This laboratory is equipped with 18 computer stations, funded by a generous grant awarded by MidFirst Bank of Oklahoma City.

 We direct our students to master computer skills, particularly by having students participating in COMMUNITY ADVANCE programs using word processing software in preparing reports/papers for completing school classwork assignments, or other applications that facilitate educational progress.

Northwest Classen High School (NWHS) has a disproportionately high dropout rate among Oklahoma City & Oklahoma schools. A NWHS counselor has observed that students who dropout often return to the school after 2-3 years & wish to attain a high school diploma, but often are age-ineligible to re-enroll. We hope to facilitate General Equivalency Diploma (GED) preparation & testing.  The GED provides an ‘equivalence’ diploma.

Hispanics are now the most numerous ethnic group in the Northwest Classen Learning Community.  The Computer Learning Center will facilitate English as a Second Language (ESL) online training.



Benefiting graduates of Northwest Classen High School

Kent Jack Humphreys (1946-2013)

After graduating from The University of Oklahoma, Kent Humphreys served our country in Vietnam as a Captain in the United States Army Medical Corps & was awarded the Bronze Star for Valor. Returning to Oklahoma City in 1972, Kent led a family-owned distribution business, Jack’s Merchandising & Distribution, for the next 25 years. After selling the business, he served as President of Fellowship of Companies for Christ International for 5 years, where he led business owners & executives across the United States & in 20 nations. Kent’s purpose in life was to know Jesus Christ & make Him known, love his family & encourage people. He did this through speaking, writing 7 mentoring business leaders, pastors & marketplace leaders. The best known of his 13 books, “Shepherding Horses,” has been translated into numerous languages. Kent was, above all else, a family man. He & Davidene have three children & eight grandchildren.

The Kent Humphreys Scholarships are underwritten by an endowment fund established by Kirk & Danna Humphreys, in honor of Kirk’s brother.

The Kent Humphreys Scholarship provides
  • Funding for tuition & other approved college expenses up to a total of $10,000, payable in annual installments of $2,500 during each of the four academic years following high school graduation.
  • Scholarship funds may be used by the recipient for the costs of attending any accredited college or university in the State of Oklahoma.
  • Recipients must maintain satisfactory academic performance & other eligibility criteria throughout the award tenure.

Application Form
  • Complete the below application, or obtain a physical copy and complete the following:
  • Physical copies are available from Northwest Classen High School Counselors and Community Advance offices located at Northwest Baptist Church during the spring semester.
  • Completed applications with supporting documents must be submitted to Community Advance by deadline listed in application.

Selection of Awardees
  • A Selection Committee will review all applications, with evaluation based primarily on academic achievement, financial need & evidence of Christian character. Evaluation may include interview of the applicant.

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Kendrell Reed

Career Choice: Music Education

College Choice: The University of Central Oklahoma

      HanhDung “Jennie” Dinh

Career Choice: Neuroscience (Doctor)

College Choice: Oklahoma City Community College and The University of Oklahoma (complete B.A.)

2015 Scholarship Recipients

               Joshua Garcia

Career Choice: Psychology/Political Science

College Choice: Oklahoma City Community College and Oklahoma City University

           Dayquiri R. Vicente

Career Choice: Pediatric Nurse

College Choice: Oklahoma City Community College and The University of Oklahoma

2016 Scholarship Recipients

                Ashley Easlon

Career Choice: Licensed Marriage & Family Counselor

College Choice: Southwestern Christian University

             Marilu Cardenas

Career Choice: Pediatrician

College Choice: The University of Central Oklahoma 

                Harley Smith

Career Choice: Special Education

College Choice: Oklahoma State University

2017 Scholarship Recipients

               Runi Nei Mawi

Career Choice: Business

College Choice: The University of Central Oklahoma

                Sandy Pham

Career Choice: Nursing

College Choice: University of Central Oklahoma

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Katherine Yvonne Linville

Career Choice: Business

College Choice: The University of Central Oklahoma

Thao Nguyen Huynh Dinh

Career Choice: Nursing

College Choice: The University of Central Oklahoma

Neva Tran

Career Choice: Business

College Choice: The University of  Central Oklahoma

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Silas Elliot

Career Choice: Education/Coach

College Choice: University of Science & Arts of OK

Pierre Ruremesha

Career Choice: Medical Doctor

College Choice: University of Oklahoma

Josue Moran

Career Choice: Medical Doctor

College Choice: University of Oklahoma

2020 Scholarship Recipients

             Ari Nanne

Career Choice: Genetic Counselor

College Choice: University of Central Oklahoma

        Angel Sanchez

Career Choice: Wildlife Conservation

College Choice: Oklahoma City Community College

  Lleymi Deleon Masariegos

Career Choice: Nursing

College Choice: Southern Nazarene University

        Grace Jackson

Career Choice: Education/Dance 

College Choice: University of Central Oklahoma

2020 Scholarship Recipients

Jasmin Perez

Career Choice: Speech Pathologist

College Choice: University of Central Oklahoma

Aaliyah Zolicoffer

Career Choice: Veterinarian

College Choice: Oklahoma State University-OKC

Shayla Giron-Quiche

Career Choice: Public Health

College Choice: Oklahoma State University-OKC

2022 Scholarship Recipients

Moises Espinoza, Jr.

Career Choice: Chiropractor

College Choice: Oklahoma State University

     Thao Nguyen Luu

Career Choice: Accounting

College Choice: Oklahoma City Community College

   Ketsia Muwawu Tshiyoyo

Career Choice: Pediatrician

College Choice: University of Oklahoma

       Nancy Oanh Le

Career Choice: Pediatric Sonography 

College Choice: University of  Oklahoma

2023 Scholarship Recipients

Karla Maldonado

Career Choice: Graphic Designer

College Choice: Oklahoma City Community College 

Jessica Meyers

Career Choice: Business

College Choice: University of Oklahoma

Belen Aviles

Career Choice: Veterinary Medicine

College Choice: Oklahoma State University

 Marilin Deleon

Career Choice: Nurse

College Choice: Oklahoma City Community College

         Amen         Darrehmane

Career Choice: Electrical Engineer

College Choice: University of  Central Oklahoma

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